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We are one of the oldest cannabis dispensary in California. We are known for top grade buds at the best prices. Buy Sour Diesel Strain, Lodi Dodi Strain, London Pound Cake Strain and much more. We also have authentic carts such from the manufacturers such as raw garden carts, muha med carts and much more.


We are located in San Diego, California.


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We have a variety of exotic strains, In need of exotic weed? we got what you need


Exotic Cannabis was opened with one singular goal to deliver consistent top quality cannabis flowers and Cartridges at the best prices. With the numerous Dispensaries out there we strive to provide you with the best quality Cannabis Strains .In search of the best exotic weed strains in the cannabis market today our Exotic canabis Dispensary is the perfect location to service all your demands. Exotic Canabis Dispensary not only retails top grade weed but we also have expert growers who specialize in the cultivation of new cannabis strains. Some of our best selling strains include:

  • Khalifa Kush
  • Gelatti Cookies
  • London Pound Cake Cookies
  • Phantom OG
  • Sour Diesel 
  • Lodi Dodi Strain

Vaping is fast becoming the favorite past time of the American youth. Hence Exotic Canabis partnered with top 510 Cartridge producers to distribute high quality carts. A few of these cartridge brands include:

  • Raw Garden
  • Muha Meds
  • Glo 
  • Lion’s Breath 


Buy Exotic Cannabis At California's Best Dispensary

Exotic, or exotic weed, is a slang term for high-potency cannabis popular with street culture and rap music. It is also known as “zaza.”

What is the difference between cannabis and exotic?

Just as a tiger is exotic in America but not India, the label of exotic cannabis depends on the location and audience. To a newbie, almost anything with a high THC count and colorful trichome crystals will feel exotic. But the term does not traditionally describe familiar favorites like OG Kush, Sour Diesel or Jack Herer.

The name suggests origins in the tropics or Middle East, but for many it is nothing more than a marketing tool used to classify ambiguous but potent strains whose true genealogy is unknown to the dealer.

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